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  • Simplicity is complex

  • Design is a process

  • Aesthetic is a decision

  • Style is everything


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Who we are


  • Graphic Design · 70%
  • Wordpress · 70%
  • E-Marketing · 80%
  • Development · 90%
  • Events Organization · 80%
  • web Design · 100%

Cube is a fast-growing agency founded in 2015.

We deliver integrated services to spread your ideas, and to make your business more competitive.

Cube team's giving more attention to our customers from first encounter and eager to achieve the full customers needs.

We specialized in Web solutions, E-Marketing, Promotional materials, and events organization.

What Is the new


What it look like



KIMI EGYPT EGYPT Website / popular

Kimi Egypt is the first site that shows the best tourist places and information about Egypt .

You can see great history and wonderful places .

Kathleen Martinez Archaeologist / Personal

Dr. Kathleen martinez one of the most famous archaeologists in the world, she works with her team on discovering Cleopatra's lost tomb in Egypt.

Cube's team have been helped to show the world these discoveries by professional website including all her works and events.

SAB Company RealEstate / Company

SAB for Realestate & Construction is a leading construction company active in emerging markets.

Cube's team are working on SAB marketing plan by create professional website and managing their digital marketing.

Kiro Nan Photography Photographer/ Personal

Kiro Nan is a person that after a long romance with the art gets to find in photography the muse of his own creativity. He pays attention to details, values nature, sees every shot as a moment for life and shows the essence of beauty in every profile he captures

Cube's team created to him a detailed website appear his amazing photography moments.

Fayed Clinics Medical/ Clinics

Fayed Clinics including the best specialized clinic in Tumors surgery and early detection of breast cancer and a very distinct clinic for obstetrics, gynecology and infertility treatment.

Cube's team managing the advertising affairs for them by strategic marketing plan including website, digital marketing, media, and promotional materials.

Vending Machines Industrial / Company

Vending machines company provides the latest technology of vending machines in the world.

Cube's team presented them to the market with unique professional website "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"

The Acumens Agency / Consultation

The Acumens, Consultation and Business Development Agency

brochure & catalogo company / brochure/ catalogo

Cube' designers use the latest technologies and create by their talent a creative designs.

EDT Brochure & EGENSYS Catalogo

Business Cards Medical / Business Cards

Cube' designers use the latest technologies and create by their talent a creative designs.

Creative Business card.

Flyers and Invitations Medical / Flyers

Simple designs for invitations and flyers, it was for ACC "Alexandria Cardiac Center"

Prescriptions Medical / Prescription

Samples of creative medical Prescription.

Business card & logo medical / Business card & logo

Collection of business card and medical logo for Fayed Clinics.

logo company / logo

Logo is image and sample of your business
Samples of our logos.

What we can offer you


E Marketing

We can help you conquer the digital marketplace, by taking full advantage of the tools and trends in social media, continually updating search engine optimization techniques, and having the ability to leverage any new tool or technology that appears.

Events Organization

Cube delivers flawlessly executed conferences and events – as you’d expect of a top-level professional conference organizer. We provide support and services related to the management and organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings.

Web Design

Our services are diversified to meet all demands in web design to bring you the best possible web site.

Web Development

Cube' developers use the latest platforms and create by their knowledge and talent a creative website which has a multi features.

Our News & current projects


Successful project of creativity.

― Daniel Kostinary

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

― Vishaka Markious

Understand the smallest details.

― Kathleen Martinez
Where to find us


Kamrayet Roushdy, Stanly
Alexandria, Egypt.